FrameWork 2012 Short Film Screening Programme (25/04/2012)

TorinoFilmLab in partnership with the Malta Film Commission will be screening a number of short films as part of the ‘FrameWork 2012 Workshop’ taking place in Malta at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, Floriana. Screenings of the short films will take place on Sunday, 29th April and on Monday, 30th April starting at 9pm and finishing at 10.15pm. Films will include ‘Cafe Regular, Cairo’ by Ritesh Batra (11 minutes), ‘Casus Belli’ by Yorgus Zois (11 minutes) and ‘La Maladie Blanche’ by Christell Lheureux (43 minutes), on the first day; and ‘Rite’ by Michael Pearce (17 minutes), ‘Laura’s Party’ by Simon Jaquemet (20 minutes) and ‘Autumn Man’ by Jonas Selberg Augustsén (29 minutes), on the second day.

The general public is being invited to attend, entrance is free of charge, but booking is recommended in view of seating restrictions.

Bookings can be made by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling the Malta Film Commission on tel. 21809135.



Date: Sunday, 29th April; Venue: Grand Hotel Excelsior, Floriana; Time: 9pm (Finishing at 10.15pm)


Café Regular, Cairo by Ritesh Batra

Egypt/India 2011 / HD / Colour / 16:9 / Mono / In Arabic with English subtitles

A relationship is tested in a crowded café in Cairo. A young couple find themselves speaking about things they have never spoken about before, as they try to find their own place in a changing world.


Casus Belli by Yorgos Zois

Greece 2010 / 11.11 min (no dialogues) / 35mm/ 1:1.85 / colour / Dolby Digital

All kinds of people are waiting in seven different queues. The first person of each queue becomes the last of the next one, thus creating an enormous human line. But at the end of the line, it all begins backwards again.


La Maladie Blanche by Christelle Lheureux

43 min / black and white & colour / finalize - June 18 2011 / shooting format – HD/ screening format – HDCam

An evening party in an isolated village of the Pyrenees. A father and his five-yearold daughter, Myrtille. Some teenagers, a hunter, a shepherd, some fireflies, toads and cats. A nocturnal world where stories of a shadow puppet, a magic mirror and prehistoric paintings become entangled. That night, a prehistoric being gets Myrtille to the mountain.


Date: Monday, 30th April; Venue: Grand Hotel Excelsior, Floriana; Time: 9pm (Finishing at 10.15pm)


Rite by Michael Pearce

16 mins 50 secs / completed October 2010 / RED ONE / exhibition formats: HD Cam, DigiBeta / 16:9 (2.35 crop) / language: English

Mike takes his estranged son out for his birthday; desperate to prove he’s a reformed man. But drink and the simmering violence of match day threaten to bring out the worst in him.


Laura’s Party by Simon Jaquemet

Switzerland 2010 / 20 min / 35mm colour / 1:1.85 / original language: Swiss-German / Dolby Digital 5.1 English Subtitles

Laura is going to be 16 in a day’s time. She wants nothing more than the house to herself to party the night through with her friends. But her domestic life turned into chaos! Her single- parent father has himself had a hard night’s drinking behind him, and to top it all has dragged his new lover back home with him.


Autumn Man by Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Sweden 2010 / 29 min / colour / Dolby Digital

Autumn, the season where nature prepares to be reborn by dying. In this time of the year we meet two young fellows. They are perhaps not the most popular characters in the small Tornedalen community since their method of subsistence is on the outskirts of morality. Most of their endeavors seem to be jinxed as if a higher power is trying to say something about their life style. Two men, two different reactions, either bracing oneself or letting the scents of autumn open one’s mind.