Joyce Grech (Executive Producer/Judge)

She has worked as a media presenter and producer since 1992. To date she has worked with various television and radio stations and contributed as journalist and critic for the print medium. She has been employed in the media as producer, presenter, and director. Her profile consists of programmes for children, youth, sports, the arts, drama, talk shows and discussion programmes.

Joyce holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies and Communications, a Post Graduate diploma in Education and a Masters degree in Communications, with a specialisation in Journalism. She has also followed a course organized by the ETC (Malta) and the London Film & Television School as Assistant Director and Location Management and a course entitled Developing Your Audience organised by the Independent Cinema Office (UK) held in Croatia.

In the past, she has presented programmes about cinema for Voice of the Mediterranean radio, Campus FM and RTK radio, and for E22, Super 1 TV and TVM .

Joyce is also active in drama teaching for youngsters and Community theatre groups. She has led various groups in Boal techniques and worked with socially emarginated individuals. Joyce has also acted for television, radio and the theatre and directed a one-act play by leading Maltese dramatist Alfred Sant, together with Bernard Shaw’s Mrs Warren’s Profession for MADC Theatre Company at the Manoel Theatre.

Joyce is a member of the jury of The Malta Short Film Festival and also co-producer with Tony Parnis. She is a founder member of the Malta Film Foundation. Joyce has served as the Executive Director of the National Book Council and is currently Head of the Malta Drama Centre