Programme 2 (10/07/2012)

Programme 2 aired on TVM (10/07/2012)

Film: The Mammy

Director: Farid Ismail

Country: Colombia

Synopsis: Bogota Colombia, A young man tries to steal an old lady’s handbag. But she does not let him get away with it.

Film: ‘S’

Director: Chris Zarb

Country: Malta

Synopsis: A doctor delivers a baby. He wraps the baby in a pink quilt with the initial ‘S’. The mother cradles her baby, and after a while she tries to suffocate her.

Film: 2 Cents

Director: Michalis Lygkiaris

Country: Greece

Synopsis: A homeless man has saved money to buy a sandwich, but did he save enough?

Film: Asternauts

Director: Marta Masferrer

Country: Germany/USA

Synopsis: Earl’s predictable life takes a turn when a mysterious object crash-lands in his backyard. Together with his brother Joel, they go to investigate the remains of an exploded cow, and to discover the secret behind a mysterious object.