Programme 3 (17/07/2012)

Programme 3 aired on TVM (17/07/2012)

Film: The Little Team

Directors: Roger Gomez and Dani Resines

Country: Spain

Synopsis: 14 little kids go over an unsolved football mystery, and they end up teaching an unexpected life lesson to grown-ups.

Film: Chernobyl: 25 Years Later

Director: Stephen Fenech

Country: Malta

Synopsis: This documentary highlights a recent on the ground sortie to the very epicenter of what is considered the worst man made environmental disaster of the twentieth century.

Film: Buriganga

Director: Michelle Coomber

Countries: Bangladesh/UK

Synopsis: Once used for drinking water and small boat transport, the Buriganga River is now a hot bed of activity, commerce, and pollution. This film is a sobering view of the environmental impact modern day use has had on this major waterway.

Film: Lost Every Day

Director: Michelle Coomber

Country: USA/UK

Synopsis: Sharon gets lost every day of her life, in the streets she lived in for years, and even in her own home.