Programme 4 (24/07/2012)

Programme 4 aired on TVM (24/07/2012)

Film: God’s Hand

Directors: Adolf El Assad

Country: Luxembourg

Synopsis: Diego, a 25 year old Argentinean has 24 hours to leave Luxembourg.

Film: Butterfly

Director: Josef Cauchi

Country: Malta

Synopsis: A butterfly wakes up. The beauty of nature and the joy of being alive makes the butterfly dance around flowers and trees. The threat to the life of the butterfly lies not far away.

Film: The Cortege

Director: Marina Seresesky

Countries: Bangladesh/UK

Synopsis: Capi is the oldest gravedigger in the cemetery. Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues, there is only one person capable of taking him out of his routine, and that is Maria who takes flowers to the grave of her husband.