Programme 6 (08/08/2012)

Programme 6 aired on TVM (08/08/2012)

Film: A Shadow Of Blue

Produced: Jonathan Hazan

Country: France / Spain

Synopsis: A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge, to make dreams come true. How determination and fantasy can unleash an unexpected freedom.

Film: Loser Leg

Director: Francesco Filippi

Country: Italy

Synopsis: Giovanni is a kid called Loser Leg, due to his soft legs. Despite all he manages to take life with irony. He is secretly in love with Rose. She always runs away terrified when she sees him tied somewhere.

Film: Kid Logic

Director: Kevin McGuinness

Countries: Ireland

Synopsis: A child goes on a little adventure on his airplane. He flies through the sky and tries to escape from an enemy fighter plane. After he crash lands into the sea, his imagination turns his plane into a submarine, and he begins to venture the depths of the sea.

Film: Tele-Monkey

Director: Martin Bonnici

Country: Malta

Synopsis: Tele-Monkey explores the life of Joe, and his obsession to understand the meaning behind the World’s advertising and TV-Shopping. His every waking moment is consumed by sales and advertising, and he hopes that one day soon, he will find and understand the truth.

Film: Desk

Director: Christ Scicluna

Country: Malta

Synopsis: A desk on which all the artist’s creations take life.