Programme 7 (14/08/2012)

Programme 7 aired on TVM (14/08/2012)

Film: Guang

Director: Quek Shio Chuan

Country: Malaysia

Synopsis: This is a film about an autistic youth facing daily socially challenging obligations, and his secret passion.

Film: Two Pence

Director: Will Maloney

Country: Northern Ireland

Synopsis: Between the hours of nine to five, Billy is a ‘PR Rep’ for a local nightclub. However, his life passion is collecting two pence coins, and the value of tiny things that life has to offer.

Film: Forgotten

Director: Clint Rizzo

Countries: Malta

Synopsis: An old woman recalls a point in her past. It is clear that dimensia affected her ability to recall the past

Film: The Missing Looks

Director: Damian Dionisio

Country: Argentina

Synopsis: Argentina, 1976. Claudio is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in which they live is discovered by the military. Teresa try to shelter her daughter in a fantasy world to avoid the horror they are about to live.