Programme 10 (04/09/2012)

Programme 10 aired on TVM (04/09/2012)

Film: My Tired Father

Director: Maya Vitkova

Country: Bulgaria

Synopsis: 8 year old Darja thinks that she heard a mouse in the middle of the night. But when she wakes her father for help, bigger family problems begin.

Film: My Father’s Habit

Director: Marlon Caruana

Country: Malta

Synopsis: After having a very difficult childhood as a boy, the father tries his best to be a perfect father. But one day the truth changes everything.

Film: The Turkey

Director: Anna Margarita Albelo

Country: France

Synopsis: To-day, Helene emancipates herself from her ungrateful family. She has dedicated her life to keep a perfect house, children and husband. It’s her Birthday, but at her party she’ll make a gift to herself.