Programme 9 (28/08/2012)

Programme 9 aired on TVM (28/08/2012)

Film: Shift

Director: Anu Aun

Country: Estonia

Synopsis: When Mina is caught shoplifting. The female officer uses her chance to show off her contempt. Surprisingly, both women meet a few hours later in a situation where the previous rivals become partners in crime.

Film: Blown away

Director: Matthew Muscat Drago

Country: Malta

Synopsis: This is the story about Ryan (Luke Farrugia), a photographer whose passion towards

photography led him to meet a foreign exchange student, Mia (Maxine Aquilina) in Malta. The film follows their journey and the ever growing bond between the two by living every moment as if it were their last...

Film: Hunger

Produced: Jose Antonio De La Torre

Country: Spain

Synopsis: It’s night, and her daughters are hungry.