Programme 12 (18/09/2012)

Programme 12 aired on TVM (18/09/2012)

Film: No Words

Director: Bel Armenteros

Country: Spain

Synopsis: Guzman takes in his grandson for a few days while his mother goes on a trip.

Whether it turns out good or bad depends on them. But the difference in years between them, surfaces from their first encounter.

Film: The Final Sequence

Director: Arturo Ruiz Serrano

Country: Spain

Synopsis: 1960, a Spanish Italian co-production is being filmed. Poor communication between the different members of the crew, are on verge of ruining the end of the film. They might just be saved by one shot/scene.

Film: Fagun Ferri

Director: Siddarth Sindha

Country: India

Synopsis: Near Bombay. A group of street kids make money performing circus acts.