Growing audience ...

Any filmmaker’s dream is to have the desired audience, whether it’s the masses you’re after or a niche audience, there is no point in having any artistic expression without a public to share it with.

The festival started off as a concept – a dream and over the years has garnered audiences that vary in taste and culture, but they have one thing in common, they all enjoy watching a good film. They equally follow the discussion and send in their own views, whether in agreement or not with the judges in studio. The exchange of ideas on such a large scale is what makes this festival unique worldwide.  Television audiences have steadily increased, with the survey for 2011 indicating an average of 38,000 viewers weekly. The festival is also streamed and therefore that audience is increased with viewers around the world watching the festival online. This year audiences may watch the films as many times as they like through the youtube channel which will enable us to have as much direct feedback as possible.

We invite you, your friends and colleagues to be an active audience member.