Winston Azzopardi (Festival Judge)


Winston Azzopardi was appointed by the Government of Malta to prepare a proposal and eventually entrusted to set up the Malta Film Commission and in January 1999 was appointed the first Malta Film Commissioner, a position he occupied until September 2002.

During this time he took a very proactive role as a production consultant, then to facilitate productions that chose to film in Malta. Azzopardi had a key role in the production management in international films such as

  • Gladiator (1999)
  • U-571 (1999)
  • The Count of Montecristo (2000)
  • Julius Caesar (2001)
  • Helen of Troy (2002)
  • Swept Away (2002)
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2002)

The following are some selected film or television productions in which Azzopardi was involved:

‘Hooked’ 1994 ITV  (UK) (3rd Assistant Director)
‘Seasick’ 1994 Feature Film (Finland) (3rd Assistant Director)
‘Cutthroat Island’ 1995 Carolco (US) (3rd Assistant Director)
‘The Odyssey’ 1996 Hallmark  (US) (3rd  Assistant Director)
‘Troy’ 2003/04 Warner Bros (UK) (Co-Producer)
‘George Cross’ 2005 MTV (MLT) (Director)
‘Kryminalni’ 2006/07 TV series (Poland)  (Production Manager)
‘Coronation Street’ 2007 ITV TV Series (UK)   (Production Manager)
'Carabinieri 7' 2007 Canale 5 TV Series (Italy) (Production Manager)